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Meet Dov...

I understand how meeting someone new and starting a program could make you feel a little uneasy, so I want to  give you a feel for what I’m like personally and let you know a little bit about how I see the world.


"I Love seeing people reach their potential"

Ever since I was little, I've loved books, courses and techniques about growth, being the best version of yourself and Mindset.  I have done so much learning and exploring over the years myself with different skills I have obtained to then share it with others so they can start thriving in life. 

Let's Go!


Dov is incredibly perceptive, intelligent and personal. He is intuitive and spiritually-minded in a totally grounded, practical way. He is lovingly honest and un-patronisingly empathetic. After seeing Dov I feel more open-hearted, grounded, satisfied, relaxed and motivated.


For the first few months I was just in a constant state of amazed disbelief about how significantly the work was able to shift things in me. I remember being quite surprised by how such gentle and minimal contacts were able to set healing in motion and tap into the body wisdom. Your high level of skill as a practitioner together with your genuineness, your compassionate nature and above all your sunny enthusiasm helped me a great deal, Dov, thank you. 


While working with Dr Dov, I found his enthusiasm contagious. He helped me to gain confidence in myself. Now I feel like I have the power and ability to do what I want in life. It’s like someone has shown me I do have the choice to open any door or turn on any light I want. He taught me that I don’t need to be afraid of my life anymore. I will always be grateful for his help.